Thomas A. Foran with boxes full of petitions, ca. 1971

Thomas A. Foran with boxes full of petitions, ca. 1971. RJD_04_01_0033_0009_010


Archival collections at the University of Illinois at Chicago that relate to the Richard J. Daley Era:

Bob Crawford Audio Archive

Bilandic, Michael A. Papers

Bush, Earl Papers

Cohen, Christopher B. Papers

Daley, Richard J. Collection

Daley, Richard J. Ephemera Collection

Daley, Richard J. Oral History Collection

Kennelly, Martin H. Papers 

Kondor, Laszlo Photograph Collection

Natarus, Burton F. Papers

Sutker, Calvin R. Papers

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Other Media Resources:

Chicago History Museum. “Chicago Politics Oral History Project

Daley, the Last Boss. (Documentary Film) Produced and directed by Barak Goodman and written by Barak Goodman and Geoffrey C. Ward. 112 min. Social Media Productions, 1995.

Mayor Daley: A Study in Power. (Documentary film) Produced and directed by Robert Markowitz. Ca. 60 min. CBS News, 1994.