The University of Illinois at Chicago Library has completed a two-year oral history project bout the life and career of Mayor Richard M. Daley.

The collection contains forty-five interviews with contemporaries of Daley. The interviewees include most of the mayor’s chiefs of staff, some of his deputy chiefs of staff, a number of his political advisors, and persons who headed city agencies during his tenure. Also included are family members, community leaders, some critics, and former United States Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Peter Cunningham, a friend of and former speechwriter for Mayor Daley, conducted the interviews.

The video and audio interviews, with related transcripts, can be found online at Richard M. Daley Oral Histories.

UIC Library also holds the Mayor Richard J. Daley Oral History collection. PDF transcripts from that collection can also be found online at Remembering Richard J. Daley Oral History Contributors.