Monday, May 29, 2016 marks the birthday of Bob Hope. Hope was a vaudeville-style entertainer who performed live, did television shows and starred in movies. On numerous occasions he teamed up with his friend, Bing Crosby, in a series of popular, comedic films in which the hapless pair traveled to exotic locations and got into unlikely adventures.

Beginning with World War II (1939-1945), Hope dedicated much of his professional career to entertaining U.S. troops, particularly those stationed abroad in wartime. Working with the United Service Organizations (USO), an organization dedicated to serving soldiers, he continued these performances through the 1990s.

In honor of Hope’s talents and contributions, Mayor Richard J. Daley proclaimed October 29, 1976–the twenty-seventh anniversary of the actor’s first appearance on television–as “Bob Hope Day” in Chicago.

Bob Hope and Richard J. Daley,

Bob Hope and Richard J. Daley, undated. RJD_04_01_0052_0011_002